The Countdown

Illustration: “An anthology 2.0” by  Yukai Du

Illustration: “An anthology 2.0” by Yukai Du

What is Yoga Teacher Training like?

If you’re asking this question, you’re in the right place…because I want the answer, too. In thirty days, I will be attending my initial YTT200 training module. Over the course of a month, I hope to deepen my understanding of Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Adjustments, Anatomy, and countless other subjects. Other than that, I don’t really know what to expect.

I live in what I fondly refer to as a “Yoga Desert”. In every direction, for miles and miles, a complete and total absence of shalas. This is the midwest. There are no gyms, studios, or makeshift classes. To complicate matters, my partner and I share one car. We plan on getting another this fall, but for right now, Asana road trips aren’t possible. Because of this, my computer has been my primary means of obtaining information and, as I’m sure you’ve discovered, sometimes the internet also is a desert. There is a ton of information out there, it just doesn’t answer my questions. There’s lists of things people wish they’d known, items they regret not packing, and tips on clothing (sooo many tips on clothing). The question I had, however, was the very one I never found an answer to:

What is teacher training like?

How does an average day look? Will there be lectures? Will the information I receive feel useful? Will they address ethics in the Yoga community? How much “woo woo” are we talking about? How much time, if any, will I have to myself?

I know that everyone’s experience with yoga teacher training is unique. There are million teacher training programs, taught by countless instructors in every corner of the globe. There are weekend courses, immersion courses, courses taught in modules. You might be learning Vinyasa, Yin, Kundalini, Ashtanga, or Hatha. There are traditional programs, modern programs, and a ton of programs that don’t teach much of anything. My experience will be just that: My experience.

I plan on telling you a little about me, so that you know who I am as well as the pre-coursework I was asked to complete. I hope to share my initial impressions of specific literature, and what I feel unprepared for. While I do not expect to blog daily (having the time or energy to do so seems unlikely), I do endeavor to post frequently. I hope to share what I’m doing and how I feel about it, while in the moment. Hindsight, they say, is 20/20 vision…and often gilded. I’m an imperfect person, going to an imperfect place, to learn an imperfect art. I promise to share posts, both elated and borderline-suicidal, about everything from my moments of epiphany to the madness that is a mosquito bite behind your knee.

This is going to get real, folks. Hold my beer.